Good Delivery

MCBIH sets the stringent criteria that enable the global trade in gold and silver bars. It is the de facto standard trusted around the world.

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    Neil Harby:
    Good Delivery is a system that enables the global trade of gold and silver bars.

    We set and maintain the standards that control the quality in the market.

    It’s the de facto standard, trusted around the world.

    Good Delivery Lists are lists of gold and silver refiners who are accredited by the MCBIH to supply gold and silver bars into the London market.

    Refineries must produce bars which satisfy high standards in terms of purity, quality and physical appearance. They must produce at least 10 tonnes of refined gold or 50 tonnes of refined silver. And they must have a tangible net worth of at least 15 million pounds.

    The MCBIH believes that the long-term viability of a refiner is just as important as the Rules.

    The lists are regularly monitored to ensure that the stringent standards are maintained.

    If a refiner fails to meet the standards, they will be removed from the Lists, which will have serious implications both reputationally and financially.

In 1750 the Bank of England set up the London Good Delivery List for gold which formally recognised those refineries which produced gold bars to the required standard. Today, MCBIH own and manage the Good Delivery Lists for both gold (and silver).

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